2014’s Curatorial Exhibit

“A Cause for Optimism”; Definitions of Printmaking

An exhibit curated by Breon Gilleran

February 6 – March 22, 2014

"Baltimore Blocks" Cynthia A. Protzman

Cynthia A. Protzman

An opening reception for “A Cause for Optimism”, will be held  Thursday, February 6th, from 6-8pm. Attendees are invited to enjoy light refreshments as they preview this Printmaking exhibit curated by Baltimore’s Breon Gilleran. YorkArts will also be celebrating the opening of this exhibit during February’s First Friday (Feb 7th)! The gallery is open to the public every First Friday 5-9pm. These events are FREE and all are encouraged to attend.

This comprehensive printmaking exhibition is designed to showcase “Creative Centers of Energy” in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. It will feature artwork by department chairs, alumni, and undergraduates alike, from Towson University, MICA, University of Maryland College Park, Goucher College, McDaniel College, and York College.

Words from the Curator…

"Chin Cup" Breon Gilleran

“Chin Cup”
Breon Gilleran

The fine art of printmaking isn’t what it used to be, but contrary to rumor that this venerable tradition is being replaced by digital technology, academic and commercial centers in the Baltimore Washington Area are in fact expanding its definitions. True, some art schools and universities have closed their printmaking departments to make room for computers and other digital equipment but I know of no academic printmaking department in the region where this transformation has occurred. In fact, these niche departments have become centers of creative energy that have adapted and thrived, spawning media savvy graduates rooted in the traditional skills of printmaking but armed to the teeth with digital skills and capable of launching their own print and letterpress businesses after further studies in typography and graphic design.

Every semester, at Goucher College where I teach printmaking to non-art majors, there are at least two or three students who worked hard and had successful experiences and express dismay that there’s no second semester to continue their work. Indeed there is no substitute for the pride of achievement, mastery of process, and the expressive appeal of the hand-made. We humans are experiential and perceptive creatures, so naturally making art ennobles and enriches our lives.

-Breon Gilleran


About YorkArts’ Curatorial Exhibit:

Every other year, YorkArts invites all creative individuals,  art enthusiasts, and emerging curators interested in developing their professional experience to submit plans for exhibition in YorkArts’ gallery. After careful consideration, an exhibition committee selects a winning proposal. Congratulations to this year’s featured curator: Breon Gilleran, for her exhibit “A Cause For Optimism; Definitions of Printmaking”. Join us for the opening reception Thursday Feb. 6th, 6-8pm to celebrate her hard work and achievements.

YorkArts’ next Curatorial Exhibit will be in February, 2016. The submission deadline for proposals is Sept. 30, 2015. Download the prospectus here to begin planning!


 For more information on our gallery exhibits or programs, please call 717-848-3200, or visit www.yorkarts.org

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