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How to Set Up an Art Exhibition

It is always a good idea to exhibit your artworks in front of the audience to get recognition for your talent. Not only does it offer you the opportunity of showcasing your work to an audience, but it also helps you to generate income for what you do. People admire art exhibitions more than any other galleries. You will start with group exhibitions and slowly lead your way up to personalized exhibits where you can showcase different themes according to your ideas. When you get your chance to host a personal art exhibition, you should be ready. Here are the tips which will help you set up your own art exhibition.

Establish a theme

The theme of an exhibition decides its audience. Every art exhibition has a unique theme and a way to connect with its audience. You can choose from different topics varying from individual views to wider social narratives. The theme is important because it sets the mood of the audience and can provoke radical creative thoughts. Choose a theme for the artworks that you showcase in your exhibition.

Connect with artists

Connect with artists

Reach out to artists who have the artworks related to your theme so that you can have a range of the art that you intend to showcase. Find the artists who live nearby and whose artworks have been previously recognized. This will get more attention from the people to visit your gallery. Do not stack your art gallery with too many works and limit the contribution from each artist to one to three pieces. This link

Create a pitch

For every artwork that you showcase in your exhibition, create a pitch which can provide complete knowledge about the artwork. At the main entrance of your gallery, you must keep a report or brochure explaining the theme, vision, and aesthetic of the exhibition. Fit the right art pieces in the gallery and give enough space for each piece to get admired by people. There should be a person who can take people on tour around the gallery.

Advertise your exhibition

Once you are ready with your team and the art pieces, you need to advertise your exhibition on different platforms. Take the help of social media and press media to reach out to the right people. The more advertisement, the more people you can expect on the day of the exhibition.

Organize the opening day

On the day of the exhibition, call the artists who have contributed to the occasion and provide them with beverages. Get everyone involved inside the gallery rather than making it look like a school trip. Put good music to set the right mood for admiring the artworks. Introduce people to the artists and share their experiences. Make your exhibition success with the right people present in the gallery at the right time.

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